“I love the shape, but I also love the texture which with a change of light, can make you see the piece afresh” – David Rich.


Sue Mundy is a ceramic artist specialising in hand-built sculptural forms. she creates one-off pieces from her studio near Reading.

Working with clay allows Sue a secondary voice, a line of communication through form. A constant theme in Sues work is the natural world. Her current work explores the shapes and surface textures found from trees and bones. A key shift in this work reflects her focus on the purely asthetic over the functional.

Sue has had a long association with clay, starting at school and gaining direct entry to North Staffordshire University. She always knew that clay was her medium. Through clay she expresses her emotions and reactions to the world around her.

Sue says: “My hurt, my joy, my scars, my healing, all shape the work I create in clay. Using hand-building techniques, I build bottle-like forms which are repeatedly scraped to reveal organic openings. Deliberate junctions are created by breaking and re-joining the outstretched necks where collars or shoulders evolve.”

From August 2018 to Mar 2020 Sue was Artist-in-residence at the University of Reading.

Sue is a selected member of The Craft Potters Association. 

Here is a short clip of Sue talking about her work

Click here for Sues C.V.

Through Activate Learning, Sue teaches 10-week courses “Ceramics for All” at Woodley Hill House on a Tuesday afternoon, Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning. Please book through Activate Learning.

Throughout the year, Sue runs 3 day workshops at West Dean College, Chichester. For workshop dates see Events page.

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